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Blocked Drains

Apexx Plumbing Solutions provides a full range of solutions that are designed to get rid of blocked drains effectively. This includes blocked sewer and stormwater drains, as well as blocked sinks, showers, toilets, floor wastes and outdoor drainage systems.

Knowing the signs 

Some of the signs that your drains need attention can include:

  • Gully overflow
  • Smelly drains
  • A gurgling sound in drains and;
  • Toilets or sinks filling or emptying slowly.

Blocked drains can be caused by a range of factors – including tree roots, grease build-up, foreign objects becoming stuck, broken pipes and a build-up of baby or ‘flushable’ wipes (which should never be disposed of down the toilet).

Apexx Plumbing Solutions has all of the equipment and know-how to locate these blockages and clear them effectively.

How we do it

We then use a hydro-jet drain cleaner to quickly clean and clear blockages. The jet pushes water down the drain at 5000psi which can cut through tree roots and easily clear away built up grease.

We use the latest in CCTV technology to investigate pipes and drains, so that we can effectively determine the cause of your blockage.

Camera inspections also allow us to quote on the work required to complete the job properly. This also ensures we can provide the level of care needed to prevent problems from re-occurring in the future.