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Emergency Services for Hot Water Systems in the Kenmore Area

There’s nothing worse than getting up early for work, forcing yourself through the frosty air and dragging your body to the one thing that wakes you up, only to find that your hot water has stopped working. Now what seemed a standard morning has become the worst, and all you want to do is know that you’ll be able to get up the next morning with the trusty hot water you expected.

That’s where Apexx Plumbing comes in. We are a 24-hour service offering prompt and reliable plumbing services, with specialties in hot water systems of all kinds. Located in Kenmore, we are able to service properties all across the western suburbs of Brisbane, and all surrounding areas. We are a quick phone call away any day, any hour, so whether your hot water’s burst in the morning or your toilet’s blocked in the middle of the night, we can help.


You’re in safe hands with Apexx Plumbing Solutions

If you require emergency plumbing services anywhere in the Kenmore area, give Apexx Plumbing Solutions a call on 0405 135 950. We offer obligation free quotes, and are able to provide you with the next available plumber in your area. Don’t let that failed hot water ruin your day!

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