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Maintenance Plumbing

Many people don’t realise the importance of maintaining plumbing around the house.

Leaks can result in high water usage bills, and dripping taps and toilets can cause long-term issues. There are many large issues which can be avoided when regular maintenance is carried out.


Our maintenance services include

  • wrench1
    Toilet repairs; for leaking or continuously running toilets
  • tap1
    Repairs on leaking taps
  • pipes5
    Leaking flexi hoses
  • toilet
    Toilet installations
  • sink
    Vanity installations
  • drip
    Identify any faults or leaks that might not be visible to the naked eye
  • filter
    Water filter installations for your kitchen
  • pipes3
    Water supply for fridge installations
  • pipes1
    Galvanised pipe replacements
  • levels
    Septic tank maintenance
  • valve2
    Burst pipe services
  • hotwater2
    How water system maintenance – including all the major brands like Rheem, Dux, Rinnai and Aquamax and;
  • house
    Any other plumbing related maintenance services that you may require.

Burst pipes can cost you unnecessary money

If you notice a soaking wet patch in your yard you may have an underground burst pipe. Leaving this type of leak can leave you with quite a shock when it comes time to pay your water bill!

Other times you may have a burst pipe in your home and notice water appearing in your walls, ceiling or even notice water pooling on the floor. To avoid more damage than is necessary contact a plumber immediately. We will attend to stop the leak as soon as possible.

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